Do I need to Floss?

Many people think that they don’t need to floss, but if you’re wanting to maintain the correct oral hygiene and cultivate good oral care habits, you’re going to need to floss to clean up the plaque.  It can also prevent tartar, cavities, and also some other serious issues.  One of the biggest parts is flossing, and it is actually more effective to help with eliminating than brushing your teeth here.  It can be a good daily habit and it will help you get the full benefits of your oral habits.

So yes, you’ll need to floss, because it will help with removing plaque from the teeth. Flossing will remove the bacterial film that shows up that will decay your teeth, and the tartar will be removed, a mineral deposit that’s responsible for gum disease.  Cleaning between your teeth is very important because it will prevent decay, and flossing will help get in between the interproximal areas, and by using dental floss, you can remove a great deal of plaque, and you can reduce the risk and decay and gum disease that can happen.

To floss, you need to first open it up and cut a length of floss, about a foot and a half or so, and hold it between your teeth with thumb and index finger. You can wrap it around to prevent slippage.  You should put it between your teeth, not too forcefully.  From here, you form the floss into a C shape so that it will curve around the surface area of every single tooth.  you’ll want to move it gently up and down, and from here, you can repeat this on each tooth and each side.  You then continue to do this until you’re done.

C271YR Woman Flossing Teeth – Close-up view

Now, if your gums bleed a ton, you should stop and see your dentist.  If it’s a little bit, don’t be too alarmed, since this can happen if you haven’t flossed in a bit.

When you’re done, you should discard all of the floss that you have, and don’t use it again.

If needed, you can use an interdental brush to clean the places that are hard to reach if you have some space and if the floss isn’t getting you what you want.

Now, you should do this every single day as a part of your dental habits, since it can mean the difference between having healthy and unhealthy teeth, and many times, this is how periodontal disease and cavities are prevented.

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, the biggest and best thing to remember is to floss every single day.  You should make sure that you take some time and work on this since it will help your teeth stay nice and healthy. Having healthy teeth saves you lots of time, money, and dental work, and it definitely will make a difference between how long your teeth stay nice, and how much decay will come about as a result of this.