Do I need Jaw Implants?

Losing teeth is never fun since it can sometimes take a lot of time to feel confident again.  You should also understand it has disadvantages to eating and speaking too. Even closing a few teeth will cause others to shift, causing unevenly spaced teeth, malocclusion, or even headaches and grinding.  There are options though, and one of them is jaw implants.

Many who are using dentures may want to get jaw implants. These are full or partial dentures that you put on the jaw, with titanium posts that are inserted from the jawbone into the gums. The implants will fuse to the bone, giving stability to the dentures so that the person can eat or speak without experiencing a movement of dentures.

Denture implants come in several types, such as endosteal and subperiosteal.

Endosteal are usually small screws, cylinders, or plates on the jawbone, whereas the other is put under the gum but above the jawbone.  The replacement teeth are mounted there, and dental professionals usually recommend the latter for patients with a shallow jawbone and are unable to rebuild it.  In some ways, bone augmentation may also be used to regenerate or restore the bone in the sockets without a ton of bone mass. This is done with synthetic bone, donor bone, some bone growth additives, or bone that is harvested from other places on the body.

Many mini dental implants are similar to the regular ones but smaller. The surgical placement is usually less invasive, and it can be carried out using a mild anesthetic. Patients usually can eat with these new dentures within a day.

So, why would you get jaw implants? Well, tooth loss can happen, and usually, if you’re suffering from complete tooth loss, this is the answer. The ideal candidate is healthy gum and tissues, follows an oral hygiene routine including brushing, flossing and rinsing, and finally, having enough bone mass to support these implants, or whose mouth is suitable for augmentation.

So what is the cost of this/ well, it depends in some cases?  A singular tooth can cost between 1-4 grand, but some can cost up to 15,000 dollars.  Four to six implants can come at an average cost of 34,000 dollars per denture, and it can be up to almost 100 grand for both upper and lower.

The thing about it is, they’re an expensive option, but if you fit the criteria and have the insurance and funds for it, it’s worth it. they’re not for everyone obviously, considering the costs of it, but if you feel that you can benefit from this, and you fit the criteria that this has to offer, you can get the full benefit of this through the use of implants, and in turn, you’ll be able to truly benefit from this, and some of the other actions that come with this, and some other cool additions that you can make to your arsenal of helpful items to help restore your smile.